About Us


At Bell Armor, we specialize in custom handcrafted firearm coatings. We work with several different coatings and parkerizing solutions on a production level or one off custom work. Merging technology and craftsmanship, we create the most functional and unique weapon coating design in todays market. Commissioning Bell Armor's exclusive coatings work is an awesome and fun experience! 

 From large business to our everyday customers, let Bell Armor make your dream gun a reality!


 Limited Lifetime Warranty

BellArmor's warranty is simple and easy to understand.  We provide a limited lifetime warranty on all work performed by BellArmor as long as you own the firearm.  We back all work performed in our shop and can insure that we will be responsive to any problems that may arise.  Warranty does not include any misuse or firearm being used as it was not intended.  BellArmor is not responsible for shipping damage to our location and we will provide insurance on shipments to you or your FFL holder.